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Summer of Solutions: Asheville, NC

This summer Asheville, North Carolina will host its first Summer of Solutions program as 1 of 14 locations across the nation. This youth-led program will bring together participants for a summer of individual and community development, lasting friendships and memories, and abundant solutions to the systemic challenges we face.

Participants will live and work together to form a solutionary community in collaboration with local and regional neighbors and organizations, to inspire, fund, and catalyze a truly resilient community. Summer of Solutions Asheville will develop a process of understanding and facilitating social justice through listening and storytelling. We believe that every individual offers a perspective and distinct abilities to empower a more holistic and resourceful community. This includes downtown and rural voices as well as the interests of businesses and non-profits. It is our growing understanding that participatory community action is the reason so many live in and love Asheville. 

Participants in Summer of Solutions Asheville will have the chance to experience this wonderful Appalachian mountain city that is as rich in culture as it is in scenic beauty. If you so choose, you could have the opportunity to garden or farm, study permaculture, backpack, study arts and crafts, learn holistic medicine, or learn to contra dance - because these are all coexisting pieces of the harmonious culture of Asheville.

Currently, Summer of Solutions Asheville is conducting a foundational Listening  Project - aprocess to engage community partners, to create a framing for potential projects, and to understand our role, this summer and beyond, in a city and region that is already transitioning to sustainability. 

Other projects currently in development include ones focusing on food security, building our economy through sustainable craft production, systems thinking, weatherization and alternative education.  You can find out more on our projects page.  What is a project that you would work on with us in Asheville? 

Let us know and apply for Summer of Solutions Asheville today! You can also contact sos.asheville@gmail.com with questions, suggestions and/or conversation.

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