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Welcome to our archive of useful planning materials for setting up a Summer of Solutions program. If you're a visitor stopping by, you can check out the Public Resources below, which is mostly things you can find elsewhere on the website. SoS Program Leaders will have access to the Program Leader Shared Files, which will help them plan their programs, and our Working Group members will have access to the National Leader Shared Files, which will help them support Grand Aspirations nationally. Program planners and Working Group members can also access these files through their Google Documents.

For Local Summer of Solutions Program planners: Click Here to check out your shared files

For Grand Aspirations Working Group Members: Click Here to check out your shared files

Public Resources:
Values, Principles, and Strategies
What You Give and What You Get
What We Do Day-to-Day
NICE workbook - a "Think and Do Tank" manual (large .PDF)

Grand Aspirations empowers, connects, and supports youth leaders as they create innovative, self-sustaining, and inter-dependent initiatives that systemically integrate climate and energy solutions, economic security, and social justice.
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