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Summer of Solutions: Harrisburg, PA

We’re bringing Summer of Solutions to Pennsylvania’s capitol city Harrisburg because it’s just about the most amazing thing we could be doing with our lives.  Harrisburg is a city with amazing potential and a lot of groups already working to help the city realize this potential. This summer Harrisburg SoS will lay down the foundation for our future in Harrisburg. We’ll be working closely with organizations already active in the city to tap into and energize the youth population. We’ll be building relationships with members of the community and finding out how we can combine our resources, skills, and passion to create lasting change in Harrisburg. We’ll also begin long term planning for the sustainability and revitalization of Harrisburg through community based efforts.  We at Harrisburg Summer of Solutions like to think of our vision for the future of Harrisburg as a seed.  This summer we want to plant this seed in as many minds across Harrisburg as possible and together cultivate the soil in preparation for the thriving garden that will blossom from within each and every one of us.

Our program is still in the planning stages, we’re taking our time to make sure we start things off the right way, but our journey will begin with projects within the following realms.

  • Urban Agriculture
  • Community Arts
  • Energy Efficiency/Home Revitalization/Sustainable Development

Welcome to the era of solutions.

For more information contact Peter Roquemore at peter.roquemore@gmail.com

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