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Summer of Solutions: Iowa City, IA

A college town of approximately seventy thousand, Iowa City is located in the South East corner of Iowa.  It is one of Iowa's most culturally and politically active communities and given that it is relatively small, it relatively easy to make your voice heard.  Iowa City is ripe with conscientious citizens, groups, and initiatives that will be empathetic to our work this summer.  

The Iowa City Summer of Solutions is still relatively early in the planning stages.  We are currently planning on doing an Environmental Justice program in a lower income area of the city, though we are still researching and brainstorming how exactly we can best serve the community.  Since we are still in the developmental stages, we are open to ideas that participants may have about projects to do this summer.  This unique opportunity gives students the chance to have input and direction in what types of things they would like to work on.  We hope to see you making some change amongst the cornfields with us this June!

Contact Margaret at margaretekearney@gmail.com for more information.

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