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Summer of Solutions: Austin, TX

The Summer of Solutions in Austin has its roots in the organization ReEnergize Texas, founded by Anna Pierce and Trevor Lovell; originally focused on Energy Efficiency and Food in the context of Social Justice, our program has broadened in both areas this year.

With the expertise of ReEnergize Texas in Sustainable Energy Solutions and Energy Efficiency, a project will launch in mid March focused on partnerships with Austin Energy Company and Austin Youth Works and other local nonprofits to help change the landscape of energy efficiency on the socioeconomically disadvantaged East Side, simultaneously engaging the youth of the area. Any local volunteers will have access to internships through Public Citizen and ReEnergize Texas, and have the opportunity to work and learn alongside experienced organizers.

Launching more rapidly will be a Sustainable Food and Community project, focused on positive land use and community involvement; for example as creating a new community model proposal for use in the Rhizome Collective's Grove Field. Permaculture, land assessment, organic farming techniques, resource networking and community involvement are emphasized, and internships are available as well.

Grant writing, research, and legwork are a part of both projects, and community participation is a part of who we are. Pull up a chair at one of our meetings, share some ideas. We've got a fine lot of friends and partners to work with, we would be pleased if you joined us!

Program Leaders

gustavoHailing from the sunny southern portions of Texas, Gustavo Martinez has been organizing and educating youth for several years. He serves as a Coordinator for the local Summer of Solutions project, focused on the Food in Social Justice aspect of the SoS Programs this year. 

"I have a passion for freedom. I feel that people should be able to take the unharnessed wealth of the world around them, which is greater than we give it credit for, and use it to make their lives better. There would be less stress, less privation, and more joy and plenty if we were part of the world instead of sitting outside and atop it like some externalized thing squatting on a barren rock. This world is rich, and we will also be when we let ourselves see it."

Grand Aspirations empowers, connects, and supports youth leaders as they create innovative, self-sustaining, and inter-dependent initiatives that systemically integrate climate and energy solutions, economic security, and social justice.
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