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Summer of Solutions: St. Paul/Minneapolis, MNtc

Welcome to the Summer of Solutions Twin Cities! We're here for our third year of amazing teams of youth leaders, community partners, and inspiring projects. Please join us!

The Twin Cities are amazing, Minnesotans are progressive and nice, and the seeds of the clean energy economy are germinating and thriving. And don't worry about its similarity to the North Pole - that's just the winter. The Twin Cities are unique, with two downtowns and largely residential neighborhoods of varying income levels in the middle. The Cities have an industrial past, the furthest north and west that the Midwest industrial belt extends. To the west are the prairies, where community-based wind energy development thrives (Minnesota's the national leader in community-owned energy) and also ground zero for the future of America's electricity grid. While you won't actually experience our freakish winters, you can help us wrestle with the challenges of local food production and the particular need for well-insulated housing while you're here. The civil society scene is also amazing - we have labor groups, environmental justice communities, local businesses, churches, students, local and state government officials, and farmers all in on the action.

The 2010 Summer of Solutions in the Twin Cities will unite and integrate a number of innovative projects that have been developed by local over the past three years, providing participants with the opportunity to dig in to the big picture of the green economy. Furthermore, the Twin Cities Summer of Solutions program will be rooted in close collaboration with local organizations, both in the neighborhood where participants will stay (Phillips, in South Minneapolis), and other communities where strong relationships have been built (North Minneapolis, the University Avenue Corridor, East Side St. Paul, and around the Ford manufacturing plant). To define the specific roles and goals in these projects, program planners will hold a collaborative visioning forum to gather input, build buy-in, and identify assets of those with whom we’ll work. From this visioning, program participants will take part in growing an integrated green economic ecosystem in Twin Cities communities.

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